Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sometimes when you're struggling with a certain piece of writing, it's a good idea to do something else to clear your mind. A while back, I was having all kinds of problems with a YA novel I was writing. It just wasn't working. For weeks, I edited, revised, rewrote, etc. I finally put it aside and started working on a picture book that I had started and never finished. It was a whimsical piece that was fun. Turns out that picture book is due to be published sometime next year. And the YA novel? I finally finished it and submitted it to a publisher. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this. Hope it is accepted and finds its way into print. Try it. It might just work for you too.

The picture of the flowing creek was taken at a writer's workshop I attended a couple of years ago in Honesdale, Pa.

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