Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happiness Award

Yesterday I received a pleasant surprise. An award! A fellow writer, Catherine Winn, honored me with the Happiness Award. How cool is that! She had lovely comments about my blog on her blog, which by the way is super. When she got this award, she listed the ten things that make her happy. Here are mine.

1. A good cup of coffee in the morning.
2. Watching the birds building a nest in my back yard.
3. Visiting with my children and grandchildren.
4. Getting an “aha” moment when I’m writing.
5. Relaxing with a good book that has “spirit.”
6. A good movie and dinner with friends.
7. A flower that suddenly sprouts overnight and surprises me in the morning.
8. Art that touches my soul.
9. Exuberant faces of children when I do a school visit.
10. Gentle breezes.

What ten things make you happy? I think for most of us, it’s the simple things in life that we cherish. I am grateful for my many blessings. Have a great writing day!


  1. Lupe, love your list! And I do know about number 4--it comes so rarely for me that I cherish it! And I really like the new design of your blog.

  2. Thank you, Catherine. Thanks for the award. Made my day.