Saturday, November 20, 2010

Book Journey

Well, the book signing was a great success! I had so much fun seeing friends and family show up for this event. I did a short presentation of how a book is born, from idea to final publication. Had a brief question-and-answer session, then on to signing books. Lots of pictures taken. The community relations manager at Barnes & Noble was fantastic. Had everything arranged very nicely for the book signing and made me, the author, feel special. I really appreciate that.

Before the launching of a book, the author has to do some leg work to start promoting the book. Nowadays, most publishers have limited budgets and so they are glad when the author is out there presenting the book before the public. Way in advance, the author should be making plans for the promotion, i.e., having a list of invitees for the book signing, collaborating with the book stores on schedules, promoting on websites and blogs, book reviews, school visits, word of mouth, etc. A launching is very exciting because your book is finally finished but the journey is just beginning.

Many thanks for the support from family, friends, and fellow writers.

"The hand of the artist, a little stained with paint around fingernails, must be seen. The voice of the writer, passionate and idiosyncratic, must be heard. And whether it is through adventure or humor or pathos, the story and pictures must always touch the heart." -- Rosemary Wells

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