Sunday, December 5, 2010

Writer's Inspiration

In between wrapping Christmas presents and getting ready for the holidays, I’m trying to squeeze in some reading whenever I get a chance. The other day while at the dentist, I reread a few pages from the book, Chapter after Chapter, by Heather Sellers. I remember reading it a while back and really getting inspired to write. The second time around, I felt the same way. Not only does the author offer writing tips but she offers inspiration along the journey of writing a book.

In her introduction, she notes: “… Creating a book-length work is a whole thing unto itself, with quirks and lessons and challenges not found in any other endeavor. This book hopes to light the path, at least a little, so you can see what’s up ahead and prepare accordingly.”

Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange Party
Another form of inspiration for me are images and photos. I’ve gotten some ideas for stories from pictures and newspaper articles. In fact, my latest book, The Battle of the Snow Cones, was inspired by a photo in the local paper. If you’re always taking pictures like I am as you can see by my blog, here’s an interesting article, “Writers, Keep Your Camera Ready,” by Christine Collier, on how to make those photos work for you as a writer. Scan your local paper for ideas. I’ll bet there’s a ton of stories out there.

“A relaxed mind is an open mind, and an open mind is prepared to accept new and creative ideas. Remind yourself to enjoy the craft.” – Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner

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