Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nurture creativity

It was nice to take a break for a while. I was called for jury duty and so took advantage of the day and went downtown. I visited our famous San Fernando Cathedral, which by the way attracts many tourists. It was quiet and soothing in there. The golden retablos behind the altar are dazzling. The brilliant colors of the glass-stained windows are vivid as the outside light shines through. The intricately-carved pulpit from olden days is still there. This cathedral was founded in 1731. So you can  imagine the history behind it. 

 I had lunch at a nearby cafĂ© and afterwards took pictures of the plaza, the flowers, and the river walk. It was a hot day but an enjoyable day, nonetheless. People from all walks of life walked around the plaza. Some were on their lunch hour; others were definitely tourists, lugging cameras around, caps or hats shielding them from the hot sun. 

Court House
Have been reading The Right to Write by Julia Cameron. She writes about taking such breaks from your work once in a while, whether it’s music, a museum, or just a walk in the park. It’s good for the soul. We work in isolation most of the time. That’s why it’s nice to take breaks once in a while. How do you nurture your soul and your creativity?

“Nothing one ever experiences or feels is wasted.” – Lynne Reid Banks 

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