Saturday, July 28, 2012

Writing an author bio

You know when you send in queries to publishers how sometimes they ask for a brief author bio? (You, as a writer, wonder: how brief is brief?) What do you include in that bio? How much do you say about yourself? Should you be witty? What if you don’t have any publishing credits to your name? Is there a difference if you’re submitting fiction or non-fiction? How long should the bio be? Rachelle Gardner has a post on her blog, “How to Write a Terrific Author Bio,” that offers excellent tips on this topic.


Here’s a more detailed post on The Book Publicity blog that covers what to include in email signatures, websites, and “what authors (and venues) need to know about scheduling book talks/signings.”

No matter what your writing life brings, believe in yourself and keep moving forward. Most writers cycle between periods of self-doubt and periods of confidence.” – Writing Tips from Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner

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