Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Writing Life

Today I was reading the January 2013 issue of Writer’s Digest. On the editorial page, the editorial comments by editor Jessica Strawser grabbed my attention. Part of what she wrote: “ …in the writing life, I think it really comes down to how we view the blank page: those of us who find it exciting—full of possibility, hope, even adventure—and those who see it as intimidating—capable of inducing guilt, anxiety, even dread.” She had a lot more to say about this, but in the end, she wrote: “We all face it (blank page) with those same mixed feelings of self-doubt and possibility. And we all have the power to fill it with a story that can touch readers, fulfill our dreams, and even change the world.”
Wow! She got it right. Some days, I am filled with anxiety at the thought of facing that blank page. Other days, the words just seem to flow and all is right with the world. How about you?
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 And once you’ve actually written that story that no one but you can write, here are some basics on getting started on children’s writing and illustrating by Harold Underdown. Not only does this blog have great info, but it gives you references to go to as well. Best of luck in 2013 and Happy Writing! 

“Refrain from editorializing in descriptions of your work. An agent or editor shouldn’t have to be told your story is thrilling or heartbreaking; your description should show or reflect these qualities.” – Writing tip from Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner

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