Saturday, February 23, 2013

Typewriter Appreciation Month

Who knew? Who knew that the month of February is International Typewriter Appreciation Month? Here’s a neat post on the Mental Floss blog that gives a brief history of the typewriter. Did you know, according to the article, that Christopher Latham Sholes invented the first typewriter in 1867? The article mentions that “The Sholes and Gliden model, wrote capitals only, is the first for introducing the QWERTYT keyboard, which is still used in computer keyboard of today.”
I found this article most interesting. There’s even pictures of the first typewriter models. I love old typewriters and the other day I saw an old Underwood in a thrift shop and almost bought it. I don’t know if it even worked anymore, but just having it in my house would have been awesome. But then, where would I put it? I need to declutter, not add more things. But maybe, just maybe …
And, by the way, just did another school visit where the students drew up this poster to welcome me. Note the flowers. My last name, Flores, means flowers!

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