Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Slush Pile

Before you start sending out that manuscript to agents or editors, you might want to read the blog post below  to make sure you’re sending out your very best. No writer wants their work to end up in that dreaded slush pile. On Notes from the Slushpile, Agent Jenny Savill and author Sara Grant collaborate and offer writing tips on revision. That’s right, revision. I talk about it all the time. Writers, it’s part of the process. Some of Savill and Grant's advice: “ … perhaps you need to flesh out the world of the story. Perhaps you need to rein it in. It might be that the manuscript stays basically the same structurally and changes only in more subtle ways, but one of the things that tends to happen is that old stuff from earlier drafts lingers in the latest draft.” 
There’s a lot of good stuff on this post. See for yourself. Happy writing day!

Slush Pile: The stack of unsolicited or misdirected manuscripts received by an editor, agent, or book publisher. – Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner

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