Thursday, May 19, 2011

Writer & Illustrator Critiquenic

This coming weekend, our SCBWI local chapter is hosting a writer/illustrator “critiquenic,” where writers and illustrators get together in groups and critique each other’s manuscripts and portfolios. These manuscripts come in all genres, i.e., picture books, YA, middle grade, historical fiction, etc. Sometimes by meeting in such gatherings, critique groups are formed. We call it “critiquenic,” because it’s like a fun picnic, where we meet in a park, bring our sack lunches, critique, and then enjoy each other’s company and catch up on the latest writer/illustrator news.

 If you’ve been considering joining a critique group in your area, take a look at this blog, “How to Get the Most Out of a Writing Group,” written by Chuck Sambuchino on the Guide to Literary Agents Editor’s Blog. 
Honesdale, PA
In case you’re interested, Cheerios is having a new author contest again. You MUST be unpublished to enter this contest. It is for stories of 500 words or less. There are several cash prizes.  Deadline is July 15, 2011. Entries must be submitted through online form. Visit the link above for more information.

"A writing group should share your goals -- whether it's getting published, getting critiqued, getting support, or getting out of the house. Avoid those that do nothing other than sit around and gripe." -- Writing Tip from Writer's Digest Weekly Planner

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