Sunday, October 18, 2009

If you haven’t joined a writing organization, you should do so now. You will really benefit when you join and get involved. A few days ago, we had one of our regular chapter SCBWI meetings. The topic was “School Visits.” One of our own local authors was the speaker. She had an excellent presentation that included not only our membership but some librarians and teachers from the area as well. There was feedback from both sides, the educators and the authors. We learned a lot from one another, i.e., what teachers expect from author visits and what authors offer during the presentations. An event such as this presented a wonderful opportunity for authors to meet and interact with educators and vice versa.

Some other topics at our chapter meetings have been on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, websites, blogs, etc. Critique groups have also sprouted from these gatherings. The support you get as a writer from groups such as these is invaluable. Join now.

I found an excellent blog on writing tools such as emotions, settings, etc., called “The Bookshelf Muse.” Check it out. Happy writing!

“People often ask, ‘How do you start a book?’ Well, I’ve always started this way … Chapter 1.” – Paula Danziger

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