Thursday, October 8, 2009

Libraries are cool!

Just got back from a one-hour writing workshop at my local library. The topic was writing stories about your family history. The instructor had us bring old, cherished photos of family members or events. First, we made a brief list (one-sentence to describe) of family stories handed down through the years. Then another list about stories handed down about us. Third list was about things we’ve kept throughout the years that have special meaning. We were allowed about three minutes for each list. I was amazed at how quickly those lists materialized.

Next, we took one of the pictures we had brought, studied it briefly, then wrote what we thought was the story behind the picture. After that, we wrote briefly about what we thought “was not” in the picture. You’ll find out this can be quite intriguing. The creative juices flowed with this exercise. Another exercise was holding an object of significant meaning to the person doing the writing and writing about it. You’d be surprised how quickly memories come alive and how soon ideas and emotions flow into your being.

Workshops such as these are fun, rewarding, and best of all – FREE. Look around for what your local libraries have to offer. Thank goodness for libraries!

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The greatest children’s books are about the journey to wisdom.” – Jane Yolen

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