Friday, October 23, 2009

Yesterday was my regular day to meet with my critique group. Instead of presenting the middle-grade novel I usually bring, I brought a picture book manuscript. This story had been stuck way back in my files for a long time. Sometimes I like to go back and try to resurrect some of my earlier pieces. This was a very rough draft – really rough. It was more of just jotting down a sort of theme for a story when the idea sparked ages ago.

Once the critique was over, I discovered that this little story does indeed have potential. The advice I got from my writer friends was excellent. Made me see this story in a new light. I shall devote some time to making it better. Once I’m convinced it’s the best that it can be, I’ll submit it. Then I’ll return to my middle-grade novel. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break between the different types of stories you’re working on. Gives you new perspective.

We all bring something different to the table. One writer is doing historical fiction. The other one mainstream while still another is working on a chapter book. Makes for a very interesting critique and fascinating conversation. Can you tell I love color by the pictures I take?

“How can you sit down to write until you have stood up to live?” – Henry David Thoreau

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