Saturday, May 9, 2009


The brilliant colors in this photo can brighten anyone's day. I took this picture in New Mexico.

Yesterday I had a truly productive day in writing. I edited and revised several chapters on my current work-in-progress middle-grade novel. Over and over again, I reworked each paragraph until I felt that the words flowed well and the pacing was right. I cut out redundant words. I tightened the sentences. I focused on some of the "hot spots" where I felt I needed to show more emotion. Overall, I was pleased with the day's work. Who knows? Tomorrow I might make some more changes. But for today, I feel like I accomplished something.

By the way, the Website: has tons of information on publishers and children's books as well as the names of hundreds of authors and illustrators of children's books. If you're a writer or illustrator, you might want to join this group online.

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