Friday, August 14, 2009

A bit of fun news from my SCBWI-LA trip. As I waited in the LAX airport to return home from the conference, I spotted someone who looked exactly like the actress, Sharon Stone. I was positive it was Ms. Stone. Tall, blond, beautiful, she was the exact replica of the actress. Imagine my surprise when she boarded the same flight and then sat one seat away from me. But then I discovered she was not Sharon Stone as she talked to the passenger in the middle seat. Turns out she’s from New Mexico. Stunning lady. I did meet Henry Winkler, though, as he signed books at the conference. The picture above is the view of the hotel swimming pool from my balcony.

Another surprise happened while I waited for the shuttle from the hotel to the airport. Who gets in on the same shuttle? None other than famous author, Karen Cushman. I love her books. We greeted each other cordially and I told her how much I had enjoyed her speech. Then the shuttle driver checked over his list and turns out we’re on the wrong one. We had to get out, luggage and all, and wait for the next one. Exasperating.

Another interesting thing that happened while at the conference is that a film crew started filming a TV show next to the hotel swimming pool. I didn’t see anyone famous that I recognized, but it was neat just being in the middle of all the excitement.

For more on the SCBWI-LA conference, take a look at the Publishers Weekly article.

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  1. My name is Pam. I'm the friend Lupe met all those years ago at the workshop in New York. I must say Lupe is right about the SCBWI conference. I learned so much! Worth every penny it cost to be there. I too had an interesting experience on the van to the airport. I sat next to the famous author, Bonny Becker. We had a great conversation about writing and books and our pet dogs. What an inspiration Bonny is. She is a wonderful author and an even nicer lady. And, it was fabulous to see Lupe again!