Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Food for thought. Back to the SCBWI-LA conference notes. One of the top editors gave seven reasons why a manuscript is declined. (1) The manuscript has nice writing but there is no story. It is light on action and plot. Nothing happened to the characters. (2) The manuscript is too similar to other novels that are on the marketplace. You need to put your own spin on it. (3) Don’t know who the reader is for your book. No potential for national markets or libraries. Who is your target audience? (4) Writers who are difficult to work with. (5) Love the concept but cannot connect to the voice. Readers will not connect either. Too predictable. (6) Submitting before the project is ready. Sometimes writers are too eager and submit early. Remember, you only have one chance. (7) Story or project does not stand out.

Have a great writing day!

“A writer who isn’t ‘serious’ isn’t a writer at all.” --E.B. White

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