Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sometimes it’s as simple as BIC (butt in chair). How many times have we heard that as writers? Just sit yourself in that chair and WRITE! It’s true. We can read all the books on writing, attend workshops, talk about what we intend to write, BUT if we don’t start doing it, we’ll never write that, which only we can write.

I just attended a librarian’s panel where they gave us excellent information on what types of books libraries look for. So many ideas. I kept nodding my head. Yes, yes. I should write something on that subject. But will I? Will I put away my notes as soon as I get home and not do anything about it? I hope not. Writers who get published are those who do their homework, who sit at their chairs in front of a PC, not waiting for inspiration but writing anything to fill up that screen. Writing prompts sometimes lead to bigger ideas.

I once attended a workshop where writers in the audience kept bringing up their ideas for stories, etc., etc. The speaker finally said, “Just get in that chair and write the damn book.”

Sound advice, right?

“A journal can be an invaluable tool for recording ideas, impressions, and anecdotes for future use. It can also help your career by instilling in you the habit of writing regularly.” – Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner

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