Friday, October 15, 2010

Texas Book Festival

I am excited and looking forward to participating at the Texas Book Festival in Austin this weekend. This will be my second time around. When my first book, Lupita’s Papalote, came out, I was invited to do a reading and signing. It was thrilling for me. After my reading, I was escorted to another tent for booksigning. Guess who I sat next to? None other than Louis Sachar of Holes, the book which won the 1999 Newbery Award and was later made into a movie. His line of admiring fans snaked around the block while mine was pitifully short. But I got beyond that and just enjoyed watching the hundreds of book lovers browsing and talking to famous writers. I too went around and bought books and got them autographed. I was in awe of the whole event. Going there for the second time is just as thrilling as the first. Hmm… I wonder who I’ll be sitting next to this time.

"If a writer isn't a reader, he's in the wrong profession." -- Marion Dane Bauer

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