Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Novel

A Novel

I found literary agent for Curtis Brown Nathan Bransford’s blog on “How to Write a Novel,” super helpful. If you’re planning to write a novel or if you are in the middle of one, this is a good link. He addresses Main Plot Arc and how to start and end it. He writes about the protagonist, about setting “… it’s more than just where your novel takes place …. ” and addresses Style and Voice, “ … your own personal style is nothing like anyone else’s …” He then closes with the Climax and, of course, Revision.

Another blog that I enjoyed was the Looking Glass Review. It’s loaded with information on book reviews, author profiles, numerous authors’ websites, award-winning books, and so on. Take a peek and you’ll agree.

Best of luck on that novel that you’re writing right now and the one you’re planning to start. The beautiful tiled mural below is in the Sunset Valley library where I did a school visit two weeks ago.

Mural - Sunset Valley Elementary

“Be bold! Be aware and appreciative of differences for it is said: ‘He who thinks all fruit ripens at the same time as the fig has never tasted grapes.’” – Mildred Pitts Walter

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