Saturday, January 8, 2011


Taken at San Antonio Zoo

The other day I was watching a travel show on TV which triggered memories of when I lived in Southeast Asia. Years ago, I lived in Bangkok, Thailand. I remember the day I arrived. The first thing I saw was a water buffalo hitched to a plow out in the lush countryside. The few houses scattered around were built on stilts. I knew then this was going to be quite an adventure.

Pic taken at San Antonio zoo

We lived right in the city and every morning I watched from my balcony as Buddhist monks in flowing orange robes walked by stopping by the roadside to accept small bowls of rice offered by the faithful who came out to greet them each day. Images of magnificent pagodas (temples) around the city also come to mind. I remember the exotic floating markets (boats) with colorful wares of flowers, fruits, and vegetables streaming down the river. I remember being high up atop an elephant and its rough skin rubbing against my leg as my children and I rode on it. Then there were the giant geckos (lizards) that came out at night from the canal behind our house. They would adhere themselves to the outside surface of the windows scaring us to death.

Quite an adventure living in Thailand. I recently wrote a children’s story about a Thai elephant who yearns to be part of the royal court in the king’s palace but is constantly rejected. I will be sending it out soon. Wish me luck!

“Don’t hesitate to use a big word in a children’s story if you think it’s the best word – as long as young readers can ascertain the meaning through the context of the story.” – Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner

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