Thursday, April 14, 2011

That time of the year

It’s tax time again. Only a few days left to get in that form. I just did my taxes a couple of days ago. I procrastinated until the last minute and was getting a little anxious about it. But because I kept careful records during the year of writer expenses and honorariums, filling out those forms didn't take much time. So it's done. Whew! Until next year.

 To make it easier on myself for when that time of year rolls around again, I start a new spreadsheet at the beginning of the year, keeping tabs on a month-by-month basis of all the information I will need at tax time. I also keep receipts in a special folder marked Writer Expenses for that year. Being organized is one of the ways to avoid last-minute anxiety when you’re doing your taxes. Keep everything in one place. Just keep adding to that folder during the year and you’ll have no problem at tax time. Know what is tax deductible and what is not. Don’t forget those conferences and workshops that you attended and paid for. Keep a record of the school visits and mileage. Don't forget your website and domain renewal fees plus writer organization fees. Set up your own type of record-keeping system. What works for one writer might not work for another. Good luck.

The River Walk

"A relaxed mind is an open mind, and an open mind is prepared to accept new and creative ideas. Remind yourself to enjoy the craft.” -- Writing tip from Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner

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