Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Educational publishing

Have you ever thought of writing for the non-fiction educational market but think it’s only for those in the education field, i.e., teachers, librarians, professors, etc.? Well, think again. "Educational Publishing," an article by Joanne Mattern addresses this topic and offers advice on how to write for this genre. She also lists resources to go to for more information.

According to Ms. Mattern’s article on the Institute for Children’s Literature blog, “Basically, educational publishing is tied to topics that kids study in school, such as social studies, history, science, math, and language arts, but it can explore any topic. You'll see lots of books about things that aren't specifically studied in school, like biographies of celebrities or books about Navy SEALs or unusual pets, but these are nonfiction topics that kids are interested in. Also, kids always have to write book reports and other research projects, so publishers put out books that they can use for that. They are educational in that they provide facts and figures and information about a topic, but they are fun to read and are about topics kids either want to know about or need to know about for school.”

Santa Fe

After you read what educational publishing entails, you might decide to try that genre. Or not. But it’s worth looking into.

"Query letter tip: If you've never been published before, it's best to ignore the subject of past credits and discuss instead your qualifications to write the book or article at hand." -- Writing Tip from Writer's Digest Weekly Planner


  1. Thanks for this post! Love the picture and Santa Fe!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Catherine. I too love Santa Fe. A lady in my critique group writes for the educational market and has been very successful at it.