Thursday, September 22, 2011

First scenes in MG and YA fiction

First scenes in middle grade and young adult fiction from editor's comments at the SCBWI SW-TX conference.     

§  The goal of a first scene is to grab your reader’s attention and make them want to read your second scene.

§  Example of a first sentence in a scene: “I stole a body.”           

§  Example of a first sentence in a scene: “The house did not want her there.” 

§  Intrigue the heck out of the reader with your first scene.  

§  A great first scene starts the story in the right place. Otherwise, you can confuse your reader.  

§  A scene only matters within the context of its plot. 

§  Think about the promise that you made to your reader and keep that promise throughout the scene that you write. 

§  It’s like a puzzle: every scene has to be in its place in order for the plot to be complete. 

§  Every scene needs a goal and every scene advances your story. 

§  Do not start with back story. Give the reader only what they absolutely need. No info dump. Integrate this throughout the novel instead. 

§  Your first scene is not about a lot of details about your character. You don’t have to introduce ALL of your characters. You will bog down the reader with too many details. 

§  Your story needs to have momentum and tension from the very first scene.

More on scenes to come.
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