Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Critique Groups

I want to talk about critique groups today. As I’ve mentioned before, I belong to two local critique groups whose feedback I greatly appreciate. My two groups are usually right on target when it comes to showing me what needs to be revised in my manuscripts. A few months ago, I was invited to join an online group. I hesitated at first. Online? Not see each other face to face? How would that work out? 


I had met a couple of the writers in that online group at writers’ conferences, but the rest I had never met. I accepted the invitation with some trepidation. But I had nothing to fear. Rules were set up by the person who initiated the whole thing. The rest of us tweaked a few things here and there. We were all finally in agreement about how this would work out. And it has! From Florida to Arizona to California and Texas, we have submitted our work, gotten it critiqued via email, and kept the schedule going. It’s been fun and every month I look forward to those emails with stories that have helped me progress in my own writing. 

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The Austin SCBWI has a brief description of what a critique group is. They mention the “sandwich” method, which I’m sure many of you have heard before. Critique etiquette and group parameters are also addressed. Join a writing group in your area and form a critique group. You’ll not only make lifelong friends, but you’ll get valuable feedback.  

“Does your story contain character conflict, change, and growth? If you are just relating a series of events that involve one or more characters, your story is likely underdeveloped.” – Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner

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