Friday, March 8, 2013

Starting Your Novel

Are you ready to start that novel? Are you having problems with the first sentence? Here’s a blog post that might help. The Writer’s Digest article, “Famous First Lines Reveal How to Start a Novel,” by Zachary Petit lists first lines of books by famous authors, which is interesting in itself. Then Petit summarizes seven steps or “7 Ways to Start,” written by Jacob M. Appel. In Step 7: A statement that serves as a frame, the author notes that “… sometimes, the best way to begin a story is to announce that you’re about to tell a story.” 

And here’s an interesting article on the Institute of Children’s Literature blog. Titled, “If I Could,” by Jan Fields, she focuses on the ten myths starting with #1: If I Could Just Get Published the First Time, It’ll Get Easier. She finishes with “So What Does Make Things Easier?” You’ll be surprised.
Graphic novel: "A self-contained, book-length story told through a combination of text and illustration." -- Writers' Digest Weekly Planner

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