Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First person vs. third person in writing

Judy Blume and Author
Once when I presented a few chapters of my latest manuscript to an editor at a conference, she suggested changing it from third person to first person. More immediacy, she said. I tried it and it seems to work better for me. But then so did third person. How does a writer decide? And just what does first person versus third person really mean? Read this blog to find out the advantages and disadvantages of writing in one or the other. Author Nathan Bransford addresses this topic on his post First Person vs. Third Person.
Check out these cool bookshelves on the Cubesmart blog. How do they do that? And here’s another interesting thing to look at on the Explore.com blog: “J. K. Rowling's hand-drawn spreadsheet for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

 We start writing books on the day something different happens." -- Judy Blume at the SCBWI-LA Conference

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