Sunday, June 30, 2013

School Visit Notes

A few days ago, I got a really neat surprise in the mail. A packet full of thank-you letters and stories that the third graders at my last school visit wrote. I read them all. They were so touching and sincere. Here are some of the comments in the letters: 
You told us one cool and funny story. I might want to be an author like you… I loved the book you read. Now I know how to start a story... I like how you explained the pictures (illustrations)… I like how you see some things interesting and then you write it … I want to be an author like you. I will remember this day … I love your books because there are surprises that come up … Thanks for showing me the recipe for books. Now I want to be a writer…  
The packet also included short stories and illustrations that the students wrote on templates that I provided. Many of the students came up with really great ideas for stories. This is why I write. It is children like these who inspire me. 
You might want to look into this blog, Project Mayhem, which has some great links to writers, readers, etc., that you will find interesting and useful. 

Blurb: A testimonial from a book reviewer or a well-known person in a book’s field, usually found on the outside cover or jacket of a book. – Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner

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