Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I just finished editing one of my picture book manuscripts and I cut, cut, cut to bring the manuscript down to a decent word count. I workshopped it with my critique group last week. Their comments were right on target. After revisions, my story was tightened, the word count was down, and it still
Gumballs anyone?
made a lot of sense when I read it again. That’s what is great about being in a critique group. They point out what you might not notice because you’re so close to the story that you miss these things.

In the book, The Portable MFA in Creative Writing, revision is defined thus: "... good writing involves hard revision. means that each draft is a step toward the finished product."
Here’s a cool blog post by author Nathan Bransford titled, Bestselling Novels by Year. His list starts with 1900 and goes all the way to 2012. You’ve got to take a look at this. 

Trends: Never try to chase trends. Write what you love, and write the best book you can, and worry about publication later.—Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner  

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