Thursday, October 3, 2013

Handling bad book reviews

Now that you’ve written and published a book, here come the book reviews. Good and bad. So how do you handle the bad ones? Even famous authors get bad reviews once in a while. Do not despair, though. According to Beth Bacon’s post on the dbw (Digital Book World) blog, “…any review is publicity.” Her article, “5 Ways for Authors to Handle Bad Book Reviews,” addresses this topic in some detail. You might just want to read the entire article.
And if you are in the middle of writing the Great American Novel, take a peek at a post on the Writer's Digest blog titled, “5 Things Novelists Can Learn From Screenwriters.”  Screenwriter David Magee offers excellent tips on structuring your story, i.e., scenes, tension, plot, character, and dialogue. I guess these two posts have the number "5" in common, huh?

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