Friday, January 10, 2014

More Writing Tips & Illustrator Award

I have more writing tips for you. These are from a Publishers Weekly post by Pulitzer Prize winner author Paul Harding (2010 Pulitzer for his novel Tinkers). He writes: “…But a huge part of being a writer is discovering your own intellectual and aesthetic autonomy, and how you best get the best words onto the page. …Outside of writing workshops and seminars, no one cares if you sit facing the blank page for six hours every day beginning at sunrise, or if you loaf around frittering away most days like a bum, or if you write your book one line at a time on the sly in between typing your boss’s business letters at the office. What’s important is that your reader holds a thrilling, amazing work of art in her hands.” Read the entire article here. 
And great news for our SCBWI-SWTX chapter here in San Antonio, Texas. One of our members, Illustrator Akiko White, just won the prestigious first prize in the Tomie dePaola 2014 Award. There were over 200 entries and Akiko White took the top prize. Congratulations, Akiko! We are proud of you.  
Roughs: Prelimiary sketches or drawings. -- Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market

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