Monday, March 10, 2014

Book Auctions

Have you ever wondered how the process of a book “auction” works? Well, wonder no more. This post on the DearEditor blog, appeared on the Cynsations blog the other day. It is titled, “How Manuscript Auctions Work,” by editor Deborah Halverson. Although very brief, the article details the process your manuscript might go through if several publishers wish to acquire it. We should all be so lucky, right? It can happen. 
And here is another interesting link where five top agents reveal what they are looking for in your manuscript before making an offer. Five Agents Share What Makes Them Stop Reading Sample Pages appears in the Adventures in YA Publishing blog. Again this link appeared on the sensational Cynsations blog. 
If you’re planning to attend the San Antonio Book Festival on April 5, here is a lineup of the authors presenting that day. Hope to see you there!

“A book is a wonderful present. Though it may grow worn, it will never grow old.” – Jane Yolen

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