Thursday, November 12, 2009


A local magazine, natural awakenings, has an interesting article on how journaling and health might go hand in hand. In their November 2009 issue, in the wisewords section, an article titled “Journal Writing Improves Well Being,” by Leia Francisco, a certified journal facilitator, offers insight into why journaling might just help improve your health. In her words,

“If you think journal writing only records daily activities, think again. Journal writing improves the immune system when a writer explores negative or traumatic events. Journal writing casts a personal story on blogs or in best-selling books. Journal writing transforms entire communities by sharing stories and common concerns.”

Another excerpt from her article: “As a journal facilitator, I guide journal writing in intentional ways and have witnessed extraordinary results for journalers of every background. Journaling is affordable, always accessible, and, like a good friend, always non-judging. Its benefits include decreasing stress, resolving issues, healing relationships, gaining insight, discovering patterns, and tapping to the power of the unconscious mind.”

She goes on to say that: “Journaling is enhanced when you reread your entries and make notations or circle key phrases. Pay attention to these signals of your inner world to help you make changes.”

She concludes with “… explore journaling as a tool for increasing health and well being. It is a tool for all reasons and all seasons.”

Happy journaling!

“If a writer isn’t a reader, he’s in the wrong profession.” – Marion Dane Bauer

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