Tuesday, November 24, 2009


A bit of good news. One of my poems is being published in the local paper next month. A few years back, I stumbled onto a poetry class at a Barnes & Noble by mistake. Once I realized it was poetry and not a writing class, I tried to inconspicuously leave the session. The instructor looked up and asked, "Why are you leaving?" I replied, "I'm not a poet. I made a mistake." To which he answered, "Why don't you stay for the rest of the period and see if you like it? If not, you don't have to return." I stayed. I came back for the next several weeks. Loved it. To date, I've had poetry published in anthologies. You just never know ...

The link here is for writing contests, which includes poetry as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Nothing one ever experiences or feels is wasted." -- Lynne Reid Banks

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