Monday, December 7, 2009


Well, what a disappointment. It did not snow after all. It just got mighty cold! Back in 2007, we didn't have snow, but we did have ICE!  Back to poetry. I thought this bit of advice from published poet and poetry editor Shaindel Beers is helpful. 

"As a poetry editor, what do you feel is the biggest mistake a poet can make when submitting poems?
Beers' answer: There are actually two I can think of off-hand. The first is having any typos or errors in the manuscript. You want to look like you've prepared this for publication, not that you're just rushing off the first draft to the post in the hopes that it will get published. The second is having no earthly idea what the journal publishes. At least read a few works from one issue (if not a complete issue) before submitting. Have a realistic idea if your work is a good fit or not."

(Excerpt from online poetry niche page of Writer's Digest - Market Watch article)

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