Thursday, December 3, 2009

Los Bloguitos

We wait with great anticipation down here in Southwest Texas for SNOW tomorrow. At least that's what the weatherman tells us. Expect snow. It’s not too often that we get the white flurries way down south so we tend to get a little excited when we do. But we’ll see if it really happens.

Have been reading and writing poetry lately. Sometimes the muse just sneaks up and the creative juices flow. It is exciting when it happens. So I write quickly lest I forget what comes to mind in bits and pieces and then takes form. Doesn’t happen that often so I take full advantage when it does.

A while back, I was interviewed by an author/poet, Leticia Teresa Pontoni, of Argentina. If you care to check it out, the interview is on Los Bloguitos blog – in Spanish. Not to worry, though. You can click on the Translate button in the Google toolbar on top and the Spanish is translated into English.

"Touch magic -- pass it on." --Jane Yolen

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