Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Illustrator Perspective

If you’re thinking about writing a picture book, here are a couple of great blogs that address this topic. They are both from an illustrator’s perspective. The first one is Ingrid’s Notes, where blogger Ingrid Sundberg summarizes briefly what author/illustrator Adam Rex, of Tree Ring Circus, and many other books, shared about the picture book layout.

Another excellent blog is Et Tu Journal, where writer/illustrator Carolyn Flores shows step by step the creation of a dummy book. I found this fascinating. As I’ve mentioned before, a picture book is a collaboration between the writer and the illustrator. The more you know how an illustrator works behind the scenes and the guidelines required for a picture book, the better for you as a writer.

Now get to work on that picture book you’ve been wanting to write. Best of luck!

Touch magic — pass it on.” – Jane Yolen

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