Thursday, February 3, 2011

Night of typhoon

Reading this article, “Igloo Reading,” by Elizabeth Bluemle, in Publishers Weekly Shelf Talker, about “ … a fourth grader reading a book in an igloo … oblivious to the outside world,” triggered a memory of when my then third-grader daughter did something similar.

We were living on Okinawa Island when a typhoon hit. It was the middle of the night and sheets of rain pounded our house, the shutters on the windows rattled, and water seeped right through the walls. I kid you not. The power went out and we were in total darkness until we lit candles, always handy to have during times like that.

For what seemed like hours, my husband and I mopped up water from the floor as the rain kept seeping in. My daughter, feet propped up in an armchair, was deeply engrossed in a book she was reading, her only light the flickering flames of a candle. She was completely oblivious to the raging winds howling right outside our door. A simple typhoon never stopped her from enjoying one of her favorite books.

New Mexico
By the way, we're supposed to get some snow here in southwest Texas tonight. Will keep  you posted to see if we really do. Took the picture above a few winters ago in New Mexico.

The young child’s mind is very much like a poet’s mind.” – Charlotte Zolotow

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