Sunday, November 20, 2011

What is a story?

What is a story? We’ve all been told that a story has to have structure, i.e., a beginning, a middle, and an end, right? Well, according to Brian A. Klems, a blogger for Writer’s Digest, he writes that a story has to have much more than that. He addresses this topic in his article, “The 5 Essential Story Ingredients.” 

 Some of what he writes: “stories have an origination, an escalation of conflict, and a resolution. Of course, stories also need a vulnerable character, a setting that’s integral to the narrative, meaningful choices that determine the outcome of the story, and reader empathy. But at its most basic level, a story is a transformation unveiled—either the transformation of a situation or, most commonly, the transformation of a character. Simply put, you do not have a story until something goes wrong.”

Read his entire article as he defines the “5 essential story ingredients,” which are Orientation, Crisis, Escalation, Discovery, and Changes.


 “I can create my own theatre in picture books. I love the flow of turning the pages, the suspense of what’s next.”Don Freeman

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