Monday, April 9, 2012

More día and poet laureate

San Antonio has its first poet laureate: Poet/author Dr. Carmen Tafolla. This award-winning author has published numerous children and adult books plus books of poetry. We wish her a wonderful two-year term as San Antonio’s poet laureate. Publishers Weekly just did a feature on Tafolla titled, “Poetic Justice in Texas.” 

Another author in the limelight is Pat Mora, founder of El día de los niños/el día de los libros. Publishers Weekly also featured Ms. Mora on their blog post, “Día Initiative Extends Its Literacy Outreach.” Visit both posts for an interesting read. 

I am in the middle of revisions for one of my middle-grade novels. So … I visited the website, The Writing Center. Under their title, "Revising Drafts," one of the questions asked is “What does it mean to revise?” and “Why is revision important?” This post goes through the revision process step by step. If you need guidance with revision, here it is. Go for it!

"If a teacher told me to revise, I thought that meant my writing was a broken-down car that needed to go to the repair shop. I felt insulted. I didn't realize the teacher was saying, 'Make it shine. It's worth it.' Now I see revision as a beautiful word of hope. It's a new vision of something. It means you don't have to be perfect the first time. What a relief!" —Naomi Shihab Nye

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