Friday, April 27, 2012

Who is your target audience?

Who is your target audience? Have you ever been asked that question by an editor or an agent? I have. You want to have a ready answer when you reply. Is your book for middle graders, young adults, children, adults? Be specific. In literary agent Chuck Sambuchino’s post, “Who is your target reader?” on the Writers Digest blog, he notes: “See this question as an opportunity to show both the businesslike and passionate sides of yourself – i.e., why this is a marketable book and why you alone of all the souls on earth were born to write it.” 

For more on this topic and for a blog roll of literary agents, visit his site above.

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On another note, I enjoyed reading an essay by Michael Sims, “Some Book: Celebrating 60 Years of ‘Charlotte’s Web,’” in the New York Times. I think you will enjoy it too. 

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