Friday, September 10, 2010


If you’ve ever had problems with writing dialogue, here is a blog that might help you. Author and literary agent for Curtis Brown Agency, Nathan Bransford, blogs on this topic in his online article, “Seven Keys to Writing Good Dialogue.” “Good dialogue has a purpose and builds toward something,” he writes. Visit the link to learn more.

Sometime ago I had the pleasure of meeting author Pam Munoz Ryan at the Highlights Foundation writing workshop at Chautauqua. As a guest blogger on, she talks about the writing process. Esperanza Rising and Becoming Naomi Leon are two of my favorite books written by Ms. Munoz Ryan. Her latest, The Dreamer, is also exceptional. Read about her insights on the writing process in the link above.
Ruiz-Flores and Pam Munoz Ryan
People often ask, ‘How do you start a book?’ Well, I’ve always started this way … Chapter 1.” – Paula Danziger

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