Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I know the SCBWI-LA conference is already one month old, but I’m providing this link to their official blog. The comments and pictures give an insight of what went on during the conference. It’s worth taking a look at this. I also mentioned in a previous post about the Latina panel at the conference and the topic of multicultural books. Ingrid Law’s blog goes into much greater detail where she interviewed all three Latina authors, Jennifer Cervantes, Christina Diaz Gonzalez, and Guadalupe Garcia McCall. As I am in the middle of writing a multicultural middle-grade story, I find this most interesting. 
Cervantes, Ruiz-Flores, Gonzalez

I met with my critique group yesterday and today am busy revising the chapter I presented. I’m still amazed at how each one of us brings something totally different to the table and each provides good constructive feedback. I am blessed to be in such a great group of writer friends.


  1. I remember this day fondly. It was an honor to speak with these two ladies.

  2. I remember meeting you as well. There's another of my posts that mentions you, Lupe, and these two ladies on the panel. It was an inspiring talk you all did. Thanks. Best of luck with your book.