Friday, December 16, 2011

Picture Books

For those of you who write and/or illustrate children’s picture books, here’s an interesting article on the blog from an illustrator’s perspective. Guest blogger, Mélanie Watt, award-winning author/illustrator, writes about the techniques, styles, swing moods and facial expressions she uses for the characters in her books. In her fascinating piece, “From Crayons to Computer-Generated Art,” she writes about how she got started with an art project and a “teacher who sent her mockup to a publisher.” For both illustrators and writers, I believe this is an inspiring article of one author/illustrator’s journey into the world of picture books.  

San Antonio River Walk
Happy Holidays!
“Possibly the greatest role a book can play in the lives of young readers is to assure them that they aren’t alone.” – Richard Peck

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