Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Procrastination in writing

Do you find yourself with so many time constraints you can’t fit in some writing time? Once in a while we’re all guilty of that. Besides time constraints, might there be other reasons we procrastinate? There’s an article on the Institute of Children’s Literature blog written by Claudette Young, "Procrastination -- Fear's Time Thief," where she suggests that sometimes we make excuses so that we don’t have to tackle the job before us. Is it fear of failure or fear of success? Or is it something else? Whatever the reason, she lists five baby steps to get yourself back on track with your writing. It’s hard to recapture the momentum if you stay away too long. Take a look at the baby steps in the article and see if they help. Happy writing!

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"The greatest children's books are about the journey to wisdom." -- Jane Yolen 

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