Friday, April 19, 2013

Fiesta Week

Fiesta Week started today and runs from April 18-28, 2013, here in San Antonio. Parades, queens, princesses, school bands, and thousands of locals and tourists alike enjoy San Antonio’s annual event. It is a time of celebration and fun! Events include Night in Old San Antonio (NIOSA), the Battle of Flowers Parade, the King William Fair, and the Fiesta Flambeau Parade.
According to Wikipedia, the history goes like this: “Fiesta dates to 1891, when local women decorated carriages, baby buggies and bicycles with live flowers, met in front of the Alamo, and threw the blossoms at one another. That was the first Battle of Flowers Parade. The event was a success and soon became an annual event. Soon other activities joined the flower parade. The celebration's name changed over the years from Carnival to Spring Carnival to Fiesta San Jacinto and, in 1960, to Fiesta San Antonio.”
Fiesta Week has really grown over the years. Visit the Gunter blog for info on the History of Fiesta San Antonio. In the meantime, I have a “Fiesta Wreath” in my home to start Fiesta Week off right.

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