Sunday, April 14, 2013

Texas Book Festival-San Antonio Edition

What a wonderful event it turned out to be. I am talking about the Texas Book Festival-San Antonio Edition yesterday. It was the first for our city. Local authors and out-of-towners came to our Central Library downtown where presentations/readings/food/music was provided. The author’s books were available for sale. Huge tents were located on the grounds and inside the library, crowds went from presentation to presentation with kids in tow. Pictures were taken with the authors. I hope this event is repeated next year. It was a most worthwhile, fun event for our community. The volunteers were awesome. You could tell who they were by their bright red T-shirts. Thanks, San Antonio.

Chihuly Chandelier
Glass Drops in Library

Poet Naomi Nye and Author
"Great stories give us metaphors which flash upon the mind the way lightning flashes upon the earth, illuminating for an instant an entire landscape." -- Paula Fox

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  1. Terrific, Lupe! I was at the Houston conference, or I would have attended. So glad you were involved.